Limits Of Human Reasoning and Logical Comprehension

People  tend  to  use  their  logic  and  their  rational  mind  to  try  to  comprehend  everything not only directly perceptible,  but  everything  they  imagine  can  exist.  Should  we  not  also  indulge  in  the  possibility  that  the  human mind   is  limited  and  that there  are  things  to  be  known  outside   the  scope  of  our normal  perception ?

Let  us  take  the  example  of  two  ideas  that  are  both  illogical,  but nevertheless  one  of  them  has  to  be  true.

For  the  human  mind  it  is both  illogical  that  something  can  come  out  of  nothing,  and that  something  doesn’t  have  a  beginning  or  end,  yet  against  these  two  seemingly rational  and logical  thoughts  we  have  the  argument  of  our  own  existence  and everything  around   us.

We  have  this  never  ending  universe  in  which  we  live,  and  the  only  two  possible explanations  for  its  existence  can  be  that  it  has  either  always  existed  and  thus  has no beginning  nor  end,  or  that  it  came  out  of  nothing.

By  further  examining  the  only  two  possible  explanations  of  how  the  universe  came to  be (or  has  simply  always  been),  we  come  to  the  conclusion  that  the  only  logical answer  can  be  that  the  universe  has  always  existed.

It  could  not  have  come  out  of  nothing  because  nothing  does  not   exist.  Everything  is  something.  Even  the  air  we  breath  and  the  vast  space  we  live  in is  something, which  with  that  reasoning  (that  everything  has  a  beginning)  had  to  have  come  out of  something.

And  so   here  I  hope  that  I  have  proven  by  using  logic  and   rational  thinking  the actual  limits  of  human  reasoning  and  logical  comprehension,  which  will  hopefully leave  room for  everyone  to  explore  on  their  own  what  lies  beyond  the  power  of  comprehension  of  rational  thinking.

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